psyclonic heathen

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 A DynaVap accessory

4 alloy Timascus stem with matching mouthpiece and proprietary condenser in grade 2 TI featuring several improvements in function over a standard tubular condenser. Dual pitched helixes compress and turbulate the dual micro-airport's influent as it mixes with the vapor at the tip, significantly increasing suction within the tip and moderating the tips heat allowing huge flavorful and cool hits when hit using the constant or pulse methods with compatible induction heaters with the airports wide open. Torch users will see maximum performance when fluttering the airports back and forth gently rolling the piece back and forth in finger and thumb while inhaling. Hundreds of micro perforations in the helical groove allow mixing of fresh air *within* the condenser and create eddy currents that help pre expand the vapor before inhaling for incredibly smooth hits. Over a year in testing various iterations. Now available for the first time.