Long(I) Sleeve : Steppa

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an XL sleeve to use in conjunction with a KMD Long(I) liner  and a DynaVap XL condenser and make your DynaVap Vong(I) 17 mm longer. 


Steppa is a stunning sequence of cuts creating playful expose of the grains in woods, particularly beautiful in quilted dyed wood. . with a stepped and faceted design this feels amazing in hand. pictured in dyed quilted mango. Available in Bloodwood, Camelthorne, Mexican Cocobolo, Premium Costa Rican Cocobolo, African Blackwood, Padauk, Purpleheart 5000 year old bog oak, 9000 year old bog oak, and several dyed burls. wood examples and pricing for each to follow shortly. note : pricing for liner only, you need the DynaVap Vong(i) hardware, a DynaVap XL condenser and a KMD Long(I) liner to use this add-on sleeve.

when adding multiple sleeves please use the following codes without quotes

"2sleeves" = 10% off total sleeve order - any upgrades     

"3sleeves" = 15% off total sleeve order - any upgrades

"4sleeves" = 20% off total sleeve order - any upgrades

"5sleeves" = 25% off total sleeve order - any upgrades

"longiset" = 40% off all 6 sleeve shapes and a Long(I) liner


NOTE : When you purchase a Long(I) liner along with a Long(I) sleeve the cart will automatically adjust the price of the liner to 50 % off